New Report on Adaptation to Climate Change

The full report, which is 342 page, is titled Water/Wastewater Utilities and  Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Case Studies on Community Response, Lessons Learned,  Adaptation, and Planning Needs for the Future.

Also on the same website are six fact sheets and full case studies and syntheses.

This is the first posting on the topic of adaptation to climate change. If you are working on something related, please let the Diva know.

1 thought on “New Report on Adaptation to Climate Change

  1. Hi Claire!

    You already know this, but yes, I’m always thinking about adaptation to climate change. I gave an interview on climate adaptation policy barriers to a researcher on Friday and recommended that she follow your blog. In my view, the main hook with climate adaptation is losing the ability to use the past as the basis of judgment for the future (although this was probably always a poor approximation). That, and the greater amplitude of extreme weather events. However, we are probably going to be able to use ordinary plans and policies, and just adapt them. Extreme weather events also create some additional sense of urgency.

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