Two Years After Hurricane Sandy – 6 views

From National Geographic, see: Two Years After Hurricane Sandy Hit the U.S., What Lessons Can We Learn From the Deadly Storm? In an era of extreme weather, we have to keep the risk of weather disasters in the front of our minds, author says. An excerpt from the author of the book:

I think Sandy’s message to us is that we cannot know how big the risk is. We just have to assume it’s huge—and that when a storm is coming and people are telling us to evacuate, we have to listen.

From the New Yorker, see: Retreat from the Water’s Edge

Nearly two years after Hurricane Sandy, New York has begun a “managed retreat” from some low-lying areas that are vulnerable to flooding and storm surges. Many residents of the Oakwood Beach section of Staten Island have opted into a program that allows them to sell their homes at pre-Sandy value, to the State of New York, which intends to return hundreds of parcels of land to nature. The cleared neighborhood will then serve as a buffer zone to protect other parts of the island. The program has been extended to other areas of Staten Island and Long Island that are at continued risk of flooding in the face of climate-change-related events. In this video, residents describe their experiences with the buyout program, and urban planners explain why communities along the East Coast need to consider moving away from the water’s edge.

From the Washington Post, two book reviews: “Storm Surge” and “Superstorm.”

Report of a recent meeting of  experts on Sandy and resilience.

More on the importance of social capital, from Newsweek.

1 thought on “Two Years After Hurricane Sandy – 6 views

  1. The excerpt quoted from the New Yorker may create the impression that’s there’s been more retreat than there actually has been. Apart from Oakwood Beach, the number of people taking a buy out has been extremely small, particularly when compared to the number at risk. Mayor Bloomberg went to some trouble before he left office to start several major waterfront developments. Mayor de Blasio’s Sandy related pronouncements have focused on speeding up the home rebuilding program Bloomberg put in place, not pushing retreat, managed or otherwise.

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