New UK Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

From the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) –“the UK’s leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues” a new report titled: Setting, Measuring and Monitoring Targets for Disaster Risk Reduction: Recommendations for post-2015 international policy frameworks

More details and the Executive Summary (8 pp) and the Full Report (84 pp) are available at this site. This is a sophisticated and dense report, but very worthwhile.

NOTE: check out Don Watson’s assessment of this report in the comment section. The Diva has not yet read the full document.

2 thoughts on “New UK Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

  1. The ODI Report is very clearly stated and very timely. It helps to inform any effort to establish measurable standards for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) as basis of national/regional policy and program evaluation. It discusses the o appropriateness of measures — that is, need for longer term data, as well as specific local- and country-level evidence. It recommends that DRR impacts be measured / unit GDP, how ambitious the task of detailing this data. It recommends ten “propositions” for a global DRR monitoring framework. Following on the heels of IPCC-5, the Report is essential reading for those involved with DRR policy formation and related legislative testimony.

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