H. Sandy Rebuilding Strategy Progress Report (Fall 2014) – updated

With no fanfare HUD released its second progress report, as required by the Executive Order that created the H. Sandy Recovery Task Force.  The report is 184 pages long. The press release and a link to the full report are at this website.

The Diva thinks this effort is significant because the existence of an Executive Order addressing disaster recovery and the formation of a Hurricane Sandy Task Force (which was headed by the HUD Secretary and which was required to make a report and follow up on recommendations) are the most substantive federal efforts to address and improve long-term recovery seen to date.

It remains to be seen how important and long-lasting the outcomes are from this effort.  Feedback from those of you working on this matter would be welcomed.

UPDATE ON Nov. 1:  The Diva just ran across a report done by the CRS in Feb. of 2014 titled The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy: In Brief, available thanks to the FAS.  In the last three pages of the report in the section titled Applicability of Recommendations to Future Disasters the author raises a number of key questions.  They still pertain and I hope the CRS or someone else addresses these questions in the present time, based on the newest HUD report.

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