“Update on H. Sandy Rebuilding Strategy” from CRS

For those of you who share my abiding interest in recovery, and a special interest in the many new initiates from the feds post Sandy, I highly recommend this new report from the Congressional Research Service. See: The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy: In Brief  by Jared T. Brown. December 4, 2014.

The Diva remains interested in the recovery and rebuilding efforts post Sandy because a large amount of federal money was spent, an Executive Order creating a special federal task force was issued, and the Task Force has issued several progress reports. [I have written about this topic several times in the past two years — all of which you can find using the search function at bottom right column of this blog.]

I remain curious about the fullness of the implementation, whether some of the changes in federal recovery programs and processes are lasting, and whether the use of a recovery task force will be replicated.  These topics are addressed in the CRS report.


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