Effects on FEMA of a DHS Shutdown – Comments by Fugate

FEMA head outlines what exactly will happen if DHS shuts down


From the New Yorker: Threats to Homeland Security. Best quote I have seen lately:

You can’t spend decades encouraging irrationality and ignorance, then declare a return to sanity when it’s convenient. The price lasts longer than an election cycle.

CBS news had this account today: 5 things that will happen if Congress doesn’t fund Homeland Security

FEMA employees will mostly report for duty: Johnson said in the same CNN interview that “something like 80 percent” of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) “permanent appropriated workers” would stay home. That statement ignores the fact that many of the agency’s workers aren’t funded through the annual appropriations process, according to a Factcheck.org review. The 2013 DHS report found that that 78 percent of FEMA’s 14,729 employees would stay on the job if the agency went unfunded. Plus, more than one-third of FEMA’s disaster workforce comes from reservists, according to a Government Accountability Office report, and they aren’t reliant on annual funding from Congress

Here is the NYTimes’ version of the story: Holding DHS Hostage.

4 thoughts on “Effects on FEMA of a DHS Shutdown – Comments by Fugate

  1. Reblogged this on Fixing FEMA and commented:
    Unfortunately, the Sandy Recovery has gone on for so long that this would not be the first government shutdown for these folks to experience. Heck, even the Katrina Recovery is continuing, though nowadays that ongoing story doesn’t get much mention in the news.

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