4 thoughts on “Opposition to Climate Change is Well-Funded

  1. Kind of a drop in the bucket compared to the billions being spent by the government, foundations etc. in favor of climate change. And what about the millionaire who just pledged $175 million for the 2016 election to fight those who are opposed to the “Chicken Little – Sky is Falling” government power grab. The attempts to stifle dissent by those who have bought into “we have to do something about climate change, or else [something bad will happen]” are a far greater danger to our future than climate change will ever be.

    • There is a big difference between funding for global warming denier activity and funding climate or climate change research, either one – and the issue of secrecy is certainly not the least of it. And when you don’t erroneously count basically all the funding for all the environmental groups on the planet who might have ever mentioned the words “climate change” in the course of their existence, climate denier funding absolutely dwarfs climate change activism specifically (which again, is hardly the same thing as research).

      The secrecy allows corporations who profit, usually royally, from continued global warming activities to simultaneously whitewash their public image by taking one position in public while funding climate denial and certainly change-delaying activity in secret. This is undoubtedly what’s happening, just as it did with the great tobacco debate, which was hardly a debate at all. Also, I would assert that its all of the baseless, clearly under-informed and certainly well-funded climate change denier chatter more than anything else that has downed out those few dissenting voices that might actually be useful to listen to, and made their very occasional good point appear considerably less credible than they might actually be. But the capacity for most of the denier community per se to be bought and sold on this particular issue is both despicable and shameful. It really represents a new low for the conservative right, and it has threatened our existence far, far, far more than any dismissing of “dissent” could ever come close to.

      As for the “Chicken Little – Sky is Falling’ government power grab” – that was a joke, right? I mean, the government would actually have to be doing something appropriate or at least vaguely meaningful regarding climate change to come close to being accused of such nonsense. But as anyone who has actually been staying abreast of any of these issues knows full well, the government most definitely has not done anything of the kind – due in no small part to the inexplicable public policy incompetence on the part of very well funded science and climate change deniers in Congress.

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