” How Ready Are We?”

One does not usually think of the Census agency for data about personal preparedness, but this chart is interesting.

Update:  I chatted with our local CERT coordinator, and we both find these numbers surprisingly high.  Our experience working to train local citizens about disaster preparedness suggest the respondents are not acurately accessing their true state of readiness.

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2 Responses to ” How Ready Are We?”

  1. Magoon, Arlene says:

    Diva, http://www.unitedwayALICE.org is a report based on research from our friends at the United Way. As a FEMA VAL I see how we need to look more closely at who needs assistance after disasters and it may not be who we think!

    Arlene Magoon
    Voluntary Agency Liaison Region 1

    €œThe Voluntary Agency Liaison mission is to establish, foster, and maintain relationships among government, voluntary, faith-based, and community partners to strengthen capabilities and support the delivery of inclusive, equitable services by empowering communities to address disaster-related unmet needs.

  2. Thanks, Claire. Things like this are why we rely on you.

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