Major Report on Resilience After Superstorm Sandy

From fellow blogger, Eric Holdeman, his posting about a new report by Stephen Flynn et al., which he titled The Odds are Stacked Against Disaster Resilience.

Here is the direct link to the full report (111 pages):  Bolstering Critical Infrastructure – Resilience After Superstorm Sandy

Update:  a couple of serious researchers give this report high marks. Be sure to check it out.

1 thought on “Major Report on Resilience After Superstorm Sandy

  1. The Report “Bolstering Critical Infrastructure Resilience After Superstorm Sandy: Lessons for New York and the Nation” by Stephen Flynn, Principal Investigator, is a must read for those engaged with infrastructure, defined broadly as “lifeline systems” for cities. It is clearly written, with documentation of the peer consensus process in reaching s series of plainly stated issues, key findings, and recommendations. It is clear-eyed, that is, no holding of punches. The assessments are made from the extreme system “weak links” that occurred during and after Sandy. Alas, Sandy was unprecedented, so that it did indeed “test” urban systems (infrastructure, buildings, governance) to and beyond limits. SO that, the findings do have to be seen as based on the extreme case, previously unimagined or considered “improbably,” and now by definition within the historical record. The examples of successful community resilience efforts and recommendations for advancing resilience are helpful and necessary to show positive and hopeful lessons learned. Hopeful also is that of the closing set of seven Key Themes, there is already the initiatives of the White House Executive Order Jan. 2015 for “Flood Risk Management Standard;” FEMA Revisions to State Mitigation Plan Review (March 2015)’ and NIST “Community Resilience Planning Guide” (now in final week of public review). These recent actions respond in some fashion to this Report’s most urgent and timely recommendations.

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