Huge Earthquake Risk in the Pacific Northwest

The New Yorker just released this well written story by Kathryn Schulz on how bad the “Really Big One” will be for the Pacific Northwest. [Publication date is 7/20.]

The Diva highly recommends this article.  Once again we are reminded that knowledge of hazards and risk does not necessarily ensure the will and ability to act!

On the positive side, the Oregon Public Broadcasting just covered how well we have done with this year’s Oregon Legislature: See Banner Year for Earthquake Preparedness in Oregon.

Thanks to Jay Wilson of Clackamas County, OR, for the news items.

Update on July 15. Here is another take on the New Yorker article: FEMA is planning for an earthquake that would devastate the Pacific Northwest, killing at least 13,000 people.

And one more from Vanity Fair.  Yet another article on the topic.

July 28. Some pushback on the NewYorker article.

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