Infographic on Natural Disasters and Hospital Safety

In recent years, natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, have forced many people to vacate their homes and seek safe haven inside of hospitals, but last winter a Consumer Reports study showed that hospitals are vulnerable to flooding, lacking innovation with generators, and pose safety concerns in the event of natural disaster.

See the infographic from the Safety and Emergency Management program at Eastern Kentucky University at Imaging Economics Online that highlights hospitals in terms of disaster preparation titled Natural Disasters and Hospital Safety.

 The infographic showcases the top five at risk states, including New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Alabama, and the estimated property damage to look at what demographics need to think most about their safety and the quality of their hospitals during an emergency. The infographic highlights hospitals key safety concerns and uses Hurricane Sandy as a case study. For instance, 89% of hospitals in New York were declared disaster areas during Hurricane Sandy, and the infographic analyzes how they held.

Thanks to Joseph Lapin, Creative Director, Circa Interactive, for the for the link. Anyone wanting more info should contact the faculty at EKU at the website noted above.

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