1 thought on “More Scary News Re Effects of Climate Change

  1. Interesting timing – just ahead of the Paris climate klatch. Sadly, the MIT results that indicate that cutting carbon will avoid this scenario just don’t pass the ho-ho test. The voluntary cuts being talked about in Paris simply won’t be enough (~3%) to make much of a difference.

    Frankly, this type of alarmism is scientifically suspect, morally repugnant, and either incredibly naive or highly cynical. Scientifically suspect because our models aren’t doing a good job of predicting what’s happening now, let alone 50 years in the future. Morally repugnant because the policies the authors advocate would reverse all of the progress we’ve made around the world to reduce extreme poverty. Incredibly naive or highly cynical? Does anyone seriously believe the developing countries – who are relying on fossil energy to lift millions of their citizens out of poverty – are going to suddenly stop using coal and gas? The authors are showing incredible naivete if they believe that India and China’s fossil fuel use will do anything but increase. More likely, the authors are cynically trying to scare the Saudis into some ill-considered action in Paris.

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