Lack of Political Will to Retrofit Masonry Buildings in the Cascadia Fault Zone

You may recall that several months ago, the New Yorker magazine featured an article that talked about the extreme risk in the Cascadia Fault Zone. ( See this July blog posting.)

From AlJazera America, this article: Disaster Resilience in the Pacific Northwest. Actually the title does not convey the enormous vulnerability and risk there.
Update: AlJazeera America TV did a half-hour special on the Cascadia Fault Zone at 9:30 pm on Nov. 12, 2015. ( A video of that broadcast may be available.)

I have been chatting about this topic with fellow blogger, Eric Holdeman, who lives in the Cascadia Fault Zone. Here is his recent take on the topi: Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Are a Death Trap.

For those looking for a model, the state of California has been dealing with retrofit of existing buildings for several decades. It can be done and it is being done!

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