“States at Risk” – rankings for preparedness

States At Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card. Special Report Prepared by Climate Central and ICF International.

You can download a 14-page National Summary at this site. It provides clearer details about which states are doing well and which are not.

Update: Florida is especially vulnerable and ill-prepared. See this article in Emergency Management magazine: Florida Flood Preparations Slammed in National Report. “A study, called States at Risk, says Florida lacks a long-term plan for dealing with rising sea levels, despite being the nation’s most vulnerable state as oceans inch higher.”


1 thought on ““States at Risk” – rankings for preparedness

  1. Not to sound like a broken record but…

    This sort of scare-mongering is intellectually dishonest – our models for predicting impacts of climate change aren’t good enough to have much value in predicting the future state of our weather. Further, what were the criteria used for giving the grades? I’m always leery of statements like “haven’t taken any action.” Since each state spends billions, what did they spend their money on? Could it be that – as in my state of South Carolina – education and roads were seen of more immediate concern? What bothers me the most about this shrill cacophony from warming alarmists is that it seems to reflect a world view that sees the world only through the apocalyptically tinted lenses of climate change. Where is the perspective? Where is the realization that we must solve the problems of the here and now as our first priority? Poverty, terror, extreme weather, the economy all deserve more attention than trying to stave off hypothetical apocalypses in hypothetical futures.

    It comes down to this being a pretty chart – probably politically motivated – meaning little.

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