Issues re Housing Displaced Residents

From a San Francisco newspaper article: Disasters are Coming, But There’s Nowhere to Stay. Most of us are familiar with the need to find temporary housing units, but how many emergency managers have estimated the staff needed to do the job?

Some excerpts from the article:

The constant threat of major disaster is a way of life in earthquake-, drought-, and landslide-prone California. In San Francisco, where civic leaders stress the inevitability of a temblor on the scale of the 1906 quake within the next 30 years, so is being unspeakably ill-prepared.

1906 was a 7.8 quake on the San Andreas fault. If that happened today, as many as 64,500 people would need immediate shelter — and another 250,000 would be displaced, but would somehow not need a bed — according to a recent city controller’s report.

Dealing with that mass of survivors would require more staff than the city’s Human Services Agency has handy — by a wide margin. To be precise, the city would be short 22,030 disaster workers.


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