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Temporary Housing Issues and Options

From the Wash Post: With thousands still in shelters, FEMA’s caution about temporary housing hinders hurricane recovery, An excerpt: The triple-punch of the three hurricanes has created a housing challenge for FEMA that is unmatched since Katrina. In Texas, an … Continue reading

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What is the Fate of Public Housing Post-Disaster?

This article brings up an important matter, which I have not seen addressed before. See: After Hurricanes, Public Housing May Never Get Rebuilt. When destroyed by disaster, public housing has historically taken years to be replaced — if at all. … Continue reading

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Mapping Impact of H. Harvey on Houston Homes

Mapping Harvey’s Impact on Houston Homeowners.

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Growing Risk for Mobile Homes

Dangerous mix: Climate change, tornadoes, and mobile homes. Tornadoes and mobile homes do not mix to begin with, but throw in the volatility of climate change and the potential for massive property damage and deaths is even higher in coming … Continue reading

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What to Do To Secure Your Home If you Anticipate a Natural Disaster

From a banking community website, this practical information on how to get ready for a disaster: 6 Ways to Prep Your Home for Natural Disasters . Preparing for natural disasters can help you prevent loss of life and property.

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FEMA is Reviewing Temporary Housing Options for LA

FEMA: Unclear what housing options will be used, but don’t expect Katrina-era FEMA trailers. Some excerpts from the article: Earlier this year, the federal government unveiled what it called the “new and improved” FEMA trailer, which is a bit roomier … Continue reading

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Replacement Housing is Hard to Plan

This example from Japan illustrates the complexities of providing replacement housing.  See: Seven Percent of Public Housing Units for disaster Victims Unoccupied. [Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.] And for some information about the U.S. problems with replacement housing, … Continue reading

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