FEMA Reservist Satisfaction Survey Results

For the past few years one of the hottest topics for blog postings is the FEMA Reservist Program, because many readers are or were reservists. (The Diva was one once upon a time.)

Now, here is a copy of the recent Reservist Workforce Satisfaction Survey Results. It is 26 pages, dated March 2016. See page 22 for details about satisfaction.

Note: be sure to print it off in high quality and color format, since it is hard to read in black and white.

In the past few years, the GAO also has done assessments of the Reservist Program; do a key word search on their site to locate them.

Any comments?

2 thoughts on “FEMA Reservist Satisfaction Survey Results

  1. I’m surprised at how high the ratings are quite frankly. I suspect that the Reservists that remain are glad to have a fulfilling job and are kept fairly busy given their small numbers.

    If roughly 50% responded then there are around 3600 reservists. this is a huge drop and barely enough to man one state JFO. If my math is correct then FEMA is short close to 9000 Reservists from 7 years ago before the current leadership took office.

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