Hellish Heat May Lead to Climate Exodus

It seems ironic that some of the areas of the world most conflict-ridden at the present time may become undesirable to live in due to high temperatures rather than war. See: Hellish Heat Could Spark ‘Climate Exodus’ In Africa And Middle East. A study predicts climate change will cause sweltering temperatures and extreme dust storms that will leave the region uninhabitable.

Scorching temperatures brought on by climate change could leave large swaths of the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable by the middle of this century, a new study predicts.

Researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia crunched the numbers and found that this area, a “climate change hotspot“ where days of extreme heat have doubled since 1970, could soon be plagued by weather so brutal that it triggers a “climate exodus.”

On the hottest of days, temperatures in North Africa and the Middle East can reach highs of around 109 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the findings. But that figure could soar to 114 degrees by 2050, and 122 degrees by 2100 — extremes the researchers say could have “important consequences for human health and society.”



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