Video of TV Show “The Business of Disasters”

On May 24th, Public TV (PBS) featured a Frontline special titled “The Business of Disasters.”  The hour-long show is available as a video at this URL.

Here is a related piece, also from the PBS source, that provides background re the National Flood Insurance Program.

The Diva would like to have comments from viewers who saw the show.


1 thought on “Video of TV Show “The Business of Disasters”

  1. This post intrigues me and I looked at the trailer of the upcoming show on PBS. The trailer, a teaser, suggests the show primarily is about the huge amount of money spent and how little has been accomplished, depending on one’s perspective, during post-Sandy recovery. However, I would think the government’s side of this will be told in their own defense – after all nothing is done for free although citizens of this country give liberally to help their fellow citizens.

    I freely admit my experience with Presidential Declarations is limited – I worked only one such disaster about 20 years ago as a FEMA Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE). My conscience would not let me continue as a DAE due to what I perceived as a gross waste of manpower and money at that time.

    Presidentially Declared Disasters continue; there have been 32 thus far in 2016. They are not cheap the way the U. S. handles them. Many Presidential Disasters drag on forever taking many years to wrap up which blows my mind. Disasters are a multi-billion dollar business. I assume the PBS documentary will reflect that. I want to see the show!

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