A Fundamental Dilemma

As Louisiana floods rage, Republicans are blocking modest climate action. If a common sense proposal for federal agencies to consider climate change in their decisions on the environment is shot down, what hope is there?

If we needed a reminder of the importance of taking climate change seriously, the floods in Louisiana are providing a big one on a daily basis. When it comes to the big environmental issues, our country’s polarization is historically unusual, and it’s already gone way too far. That’s why the latest fight to break out in Washington over climate issues needs more attention.

3 thoughts on “A Fundamental Dilemma

  1. Ah..one of the old go tos created by the Exon/Mobil denial team. They’ve been caught red handed and are facing prosecution. Been making stuff up since 1981 when they’re own reports produced the facts that supported and proved man made climate change was real.


    Hopefully someone will be prosecuted for all the lies created by the fossil fuel procuors and charlatans.

    You’ve been duped Plodinic, by bought and paid for prevaricators for profit.

    Follow the money. Do you know how much money Michael Mann or James Hansen could make if the became deniers and took the kinds of bribs that Lawson, Moncton or Inhofe are taking in?

  2. Sorry – I missed the tie between the floods in LA and “climate change.” For example, the flood of 1927 was much worse (read Rising Tide). This is the same Congressional hack who targeted several respected independent scientists who don’t toe the Chicken Little CAGW line, tried to pry into their emails and threatened them with RICO action. Please don’t grace your page with these political polemics, esp. in an election year (not to mention I read this right after breakfast!).

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