New GAO Report on the Cost of Disaster Assistance

This the second important report to be issued on Sept. 22. See: Federal Disaster Assistance: Federal Departments and Agencies Obligated at Least $277.6 Billion during Fiscal Years 2005 through 2014

There is a one-page of Highlights, and the full report is 185 pages long.

NOTE: The Diva has not yet read through the full report. She welcomes comments from readers.

2 thoughts on “New GAO Report on the Cost of Disaster Assistance

  1. I have not properly read through all this, but just a cursory review of some of the basic numbers consistently reveals incomprehensibly low expenditures for hazard mitigation (all but non-existent, really…), juxtaposed against equally shocking, gigantic and seemingly quite bloated totals for the Department of Defense. The wholesale abandonment of hazard mitigation would seem to be fairly complete, not only as the cornerstone of good emergency management practice, but as even a component of any meaningful kind, period. The Bush administration all but fundamentally broke American emergency management, and Obama and Fugate have in no way properly corrected that. Serious EM professionals should be making a heckuva lot more noise about it than I’ve certainly been hearing from absolutely any corner. As long as the silence continues, so will the dramatic increase in disaster assistance expenditures.

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