Are Some Communities Surviving on Disaster Relief Funds?

This is a new and important topic for those of us interested in the recovery phase. Your comments are invited.

From a FL newspaper, see this article: FEMA money keeps many Florida counties afloat.

This article references a Bloomberg News article from a month ago, which was titled:
The Areas America Could Abandon First.  Some excerpts:

You could drive a shrimp boat 1,300 miles along the Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi to Fort Myers and not pass a single county or parish that voted against Donald Trump. The cities and towns along that shoreline had better hope he remembers their support: Without increasing levels of federal spending, climate change could push parts of them out of existence.

So far this year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has spent $1.1 billion on what are called Individual Assistance payments, which help households recover from natural disasters. There are no limits on the number of times a household can apply, so the program isn’t just a safety net; for some people, it’s effectively a subsidy to live in areas that are especially vulnerable to hurricanes, floods and storm surges.

New GAO Report on the Cost of Disaster Assistance

This the second important report to be issued on Sept. 22. See: Federal Disaster Assistance: Federal Departments and Agencies Obligated at Least $277.6 Billion during Fiscal Years 2005 through 2014

There is a one-page of Highlights, and the full report is 185 pages long.

NOTE: The Diva has not yet read through the full report. She welcomes comments from readers.

Alternatives Sources of Aid for LA

Louisianans spurn government and crowdsource aid in wake of floods. Cajun Army harnesses power of social media to rescue people and locals have turned to sites such as Amazon to raise necessities and distribute them.

The Diva does not think that flood victims are spurning government aid, since that is the source of big bucks, but that they are exploring new options. As noted in earlier posts, the large number of damaged structures without flood insurance must be forcing people to try new prospects.  Let’s here from some of you folks working the event….