Climate Scientists Are Worried

From the HuffPost: Climate Scientists Are Very Worried About A Trump Presidency.
“I fear this may be game over for the climate.”

From the Guardian:  Donald Trump presidency a ‘disaster for the planet’, warn climate scientists

Leading scientists say the climate denier’s victory could mean ‘game over for the climate’ and any hope of warding off dangerous global warming

4 thoughts on “Climate Scientists Are Worried

  1. Plodinec, having read both of these articles, I don’t think they point to anything that you just described, whether its “draconian” mitigation actions, which are almost non-existent in the U.S. (although conservatives have certainly convinced many under-educated white Americans that regulation is de facto the equivalent) – or the indisputable fact that ongoing unregulated climate change is causing far more “real harm to real people in the real world today” all over the planet than it has come close to doing thus far in the U.S. Also, to even read the suggestion that climate change is nothing more than a “hypothetical threat” even in the comments section of any kind of emergency management website in 2016 is truly just alarming. And in terms of the election, just demographically speaking, and in spite of a lot of bad post-election political analysis, Trump won the election because of the majority vote of educated, middle-to-upperclass whites (and especially white men) while it was Clinton who got a slight majority of the working class vote. Clinton lost because white, educated Americans in particular voted for Trump in much larger than expected numbers – and as it is all panning out demographically, the simple fact is that the majority of white Americans of every age and education level voted for Trump. And no, that wasn’t about ill-conceived mitigation regulations. The election wasn’t primarily about class economics, or policy – it was about values, and the sobering truth that the majority of white America really doesn’t care very much at all about bigotry, misogyny, sexual assault, xenophobia, truly pathologic levels of lying or corruption, climate change, or the environment, or much of any other problem facing either the country or the world, especially if it involves or impacts anyone who doesn’t look just like them – as long as its a wealthy white guy doing it, no matter how utterly incompetent or he or his accomplices or supporters might be. Also, white Republicans kept pretty much completely intact the Washington establishment ‘elites’ in Congress, thank you very much.

  2. Ironically, these articles point to one of the main reasons Trump won – the intelligentsia’s focus on “climate” obscured the very real damage their ill-considered policies would do to working people. It comes down to whether we should be taking draconian action to mitigate a hypothetical threat to some hypothetical future, recognizing that those actions would cause real harm to real people in the real world today. I didn’t vote for Trump, but his election was more due to a failure of the elites than the success of the “deplorables.”

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