Climate Change – Some New Views

Washington Won’t Have Last Word on Climate Change. according to Michael Bloomberg.

Last June in Beijing, during the U.S.-China Cities Summit on Climate Change, we announced a partnership between the Compact of Mayors and China’s Alliance of Peaking Pioneer Cities. Since then, the Compact of Mayors has joined forces with the European Union’s Covenant of Mayors, making the new Global Covenant of Mayors the single largest and most ambitious coalition of mayors on climate change.

In fact, if the Trump administration does withdraw from the Paris accord, I will recommend that the 128 U.S. mayors who are part of the Global Covenant of Mayors seek to join in its place.

Washington will not have the last word on the fate of the Paris agreement in the U.S. — mayors will, together with business leaders and citizens.

And here is a related article: With waning US leadership on climate, nonstate actors to play outsize role . Civil society and other groups, such as academics and businesses, stand to play a bigger role in how the countries of the world address climate change.

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