Challenges and Opportunities for FEMA

This is an unusual posting in that it’s essentially a “white paper” that was prepared by a notable group of academics who work in the field of hazards, disasters, and emergency management.  They prepared this paper for the incoming FEMA appointees. Since those appointees are not yet known, at the moment the paper is out for review and comment.

Here is the 9-page document titled Urban Challenges and Opportunities for FEMA During the Trump Administration.

Please send comments to Ben Wisner and/or Aaron Clarke-Ginsberg.  Bear in mind I did not participate in this effort but am supportive.

One thought on “Challenges and Opportunities for FEMA

  1. So let me get this straight … according to this paper, besides the considerable national emergency/disaster management responsibilities FEMA has, now they are to be also responsible for handling the social/economic ills that have plagued the inner cities or urban areas for years. This “white paper” is nothing more than a political hit piece disguised as some sort of thoughtful academic paper. The only major aspect of the paper I would agree with is that FEMA should continue to work to allocate money towards mitigation. Other than that, it is filled with speculation on what the current administration might do in the future regarding certain hot button social issues.

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