Purdue Univ. to Study Recovery from H. Sandy

From the university’s news site, mention of a new research project: Project drawing on lessons from Hurricane Sandy aims to improve US preparedness.

The university has a major grant to study H. Sandy. The focus is on recovery although the title of this article does not so indicate.

Update:  Thanks to Rob Dale for adding a comment to this posting with a link to a video about the new project.

Now a I have another question: in the video the professor of civil engineering recommends that social science factors be studied.  I wonder if there are social scientists as partners on this project.  Anyone know?

Additional info, as of Feb. 27, is here.

4 thoughts on “Purdue Univ. to Study Recovery from H. Sandy

  1. The study is just commencing based on a couple articles announcing the project. The study leader along with some associates seem to specialize in infrastructure and transportation matters. These issues are important with the recovery effort since much infrastructure was damaged or destroyed in the storm. The social science element is equally as important so I hope they have individuals on the study team capable of handling that part of the project. I will be reaching out to them to communicate my observations regarding the storm.

  2. Read a couple of articles concerning the study and while there is mention of a social science aspect no details are provided. Since I was adversely impacted by storm I would be intrested in the findings. There seems to be a number of these studies done after major storms but we never seem to fully learn the lessons from this type of reseasrch as similar issues always seem to plague recovery efforts with major disaster events. While not a “big government” type of person, strongly believe that there is a role for government to help communities recover from a disaster. Hopefully the study will examine the role of government, especially FEMA, in the Hurricane Sandy recovery work. To be effective, believe FEMA needs to enhance the professionalism of their reservist staff. Understand that it is a difficult job but not being properly and/or fully trained only increases the challeges of the work along with the frustration of the storm victims.

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