Major Cuts to FEMA Budget Under Consideration

According to Mother Jones, Conservatives Want to Slash FEMA’s Disaster Budget. Will Trump comply?

The article references a study done in 2016 by the conservation Heritage Foundation. The 180 page report is titled A Blue Print for Balance.

The Diva has not yet had time to read it, but welcomes comments from those who have.

3 thoughts on “Major Cuts to FEMA Budget Under Consideration

  1. Many states would attempt to transfer some or all of that cost to local governments. While the Heritage Foundation does some nice work, they are misguided when it comes to issues impacting FEMA. Saving money on the back of disasters victims is not the way to go. If citizens ever need the help of their federal government it is during times of crisis. Sure, FEMA needs some reforms but this is not the approach that should be taken.

  2. I would assume there would be significant pushback from states that they should be the ones to pay the 75%. Many republican states benefit the most from the current policy (LA, TX, FL, MS). Though… who knows given the current political climate.

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