Proposed DHS Budget Criticized by Former Executives

From The Atlantic Magazine, article titled Trump’s Unbalanced Homeland Security Budget; The president prioritized border security and immigration enforcement in his blueprint, but it risks coming at the expense of other equally important priorities.

Among the authors is former DHS Secretary Chertoff. Here is one excerpt:

Indeed, paying for border security and interior enforcement by cutting funds to the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency, and capping investments in agencies like the United States Secret Service and the United States Coast Guard is akin to double-locking your front door, but leaving your side door open—and your windows, and your garage door, and turning off your alarm.

2 thoughts on “Proposed DHS Budget Criticized by Former Executives

  1. While the cited article does mention FEMA and natural disasters in a rather casual and off-handed way, its main focus is on competition for funds between and among various law-enforcement and anti-terrorism organizations. This isn’t surprising, as when Mr. Chertoff ran the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FEMA’s budget was cannibalized so that DHS could build up its anti-terrorism efforts without having to ask President Bush to raise taxes to support these new efforts. The result was the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Expect more of the same.

    – Leo Bosner, FEMA Emergency Management Specialist, 1979-2008.

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