Trump’s Climate Adaptation Pullback Efforts Are Likely to Make Disasters Worse – updates

According to Bloomberg News, On March 28th, Trump is expected to take these actions: Trump to Toss Obama’s Orders to Prepare for Extreme Weather. New order said to reverse policies for climate adaptation; Military bases, coastal towns were protected under planning

On Tuesday, Trump is set to sign an executive order that will in part reverse two main planks of federal efforts under President Barack Obama to adapt to climate change, according to details of the order shared with Bloomberg News. The White House is expected to rescind Obama’s order to federal agencies to plan for climate change and another to have the military plan for the national security implications.

Updates: Fortunately, the federal government is not the only game in town. See this particle from the WashPost today: As Trump halts federal action on climate change, cities and states push on

Trump maintains that Obama-era regulations have unnecessarily hampered businesses and that freeing companies from such burdensome requirements will provide an economic boost.  Some mayors, governors and business leaders plan to press ahead with plans to clamp down on carbon emissions, saying it makes sense for the economy as well as the climate.

March 28: One more take on why these moves will leave communities more vulnerable to disasters.

March 31: Pushback from Michael Bloomberg. And this take from Huffington Post.

April 1: Corporate Resistance to Trump’s Climate Moves

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