Expediting Infrastructure = Sacrificing Environment

The Trump speech on Tues. included a discussion of infrastructure, which for the most part received no press coverage owing to the many other topics he tackled spontaneously.

From Reuters:  Trump infrastructure push rolls back environmental rules

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday rolled back rules regarding environmental reviews and restrictions on government-funded building projects in flood-prone areas as part of his proposal to spend $1 trillion to fix aging U.S. infrastructure.

Trump’s latest executive order would speed approvals of permits for highways, bridges, pipelines and other major building efforts. It revokes an Obama-era executive order aimed at reducing exposure to flooding, sea level rise and other consequences of climate change.

Update: Here is another take on the same topic from The Hill. [Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.]

1 thought on “Expediting Infrastructure = Sacrificing Environment

  1. It is important to weigh the economic benefits to our nation vs. outrageous regulations which tie the hands of progress. I applaud the administration from looking into and eliminating regulations that prevent us from being the Greatest Nation in the world. Why should it take 25 years to move forward on a project that would normally take 1 year to accomplish and provide jobs for many thousands. Just think about the Empire State Building that was built in one year, but today to accomplish that feat would take many, many, tortuous years of idiocy. One has to look at the economic benefits and impact of regulations. Do they punish us for progress and being a technological superior nation? At some point, one has to be a rational thinker. One of the most important decisions made was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accord, I am not interested in regulating farm water and lakes. Let us support capitalism, and free enterprise. The President is doing the right thing – I support the decision.

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