Readiness Concerns At Start of Hurricane Season

Once again, an author expresses concern about the lack of federal preparedness for hurricanes in this administration. See: Donald Trump’s Hurricane Season.

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4 Responses to Readiness Concerns At Start of Hurricane Season

  1. JerseyShoreDave says:

    This individual has a rather unique perspective on emergency management. However, I do agree with him on one thing … the residents of New Orleans do need to be concerned, but not concerned about FEMA or NOAA. They need to be worried about their own local government as local officials have proven once again how incapable they are in protecting the wellbeing of their residents. New Orleans dysfunctional response to the recent floods provides abundant evidence that the city is not able to provide essential services, like storm water management, in a city that partially sits below sea level.

  2. recoverydiva says:

    Good points. My personal concern would be for the recovery phase. With DHS and FEMA relatively thinly staffed at the assistant secretary level, I think the “bench strength” is relatively weak for a sustained response and recovery.

  3. RDale says:

    I hate to be that guy 🙂 But what indications are there that the government is not ready for hurricanes? FEMA is set and NOAA has a very experienced acting administrator. The National Hurricane Center is fully funded, we have the best observing satellite that has ever existed, and new computer models for hurricane forecasting thanks to Sandy.

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