Estimated Costs of H. Harvey and Irma

It has been 25 days since H. Harvey made landfall, but the preliminary cost estimates are really high.  See: Economic costs of Harvey, Irma $200-$300 billion; insured cost to reach $70 billion

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2 Responses to Estimated Costs of H. Harvey and Irma

  1. recoverydiva says:

    I see you traded high tornado risk for high hurricane risk in your move from OK to FL. Regards,

  2. Ann Patton says:

    Dear disaster management friends – Please study Irma’s cost of power loss in Florida. Quantify the cost of impacts such as grocers’ food tossed and business lost, the work days missed, and widespread disruption.
    In Central Florida, flat as a pancake, sewers only flow with lift stations, which lost power — causing widespread backups and spills and even flooding. How would you quantify that?
    We need this data quickly — real costs — to compare to the cost of mitigation measures such as burying power lines. And we need it now, to guide smart rebuilding decisions.

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