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What Went Wrong With H. Irma Response?

Article from local paper in Florida: What went wrong in Irma? Woes ran gamut from passwords to power. Thanks to Eric Holdeman for the citation.

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State of FL Report on H. Irma

State of FL: Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness; Draft Final Report. It is 118 pages. [Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.] The Diva has not yet had a chance to read it. Comments from readers are invited.

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FL Recovery from H. Irma

South Florida’s Real Estate Reckoning Could Be Closer Than You Think. Hurricane Irma showed just how vulnerable South Florida—and some of the nation’s most expensive real estate—is to climate change.  

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Deficiencies at FL Div. of EM Prior to H. Irma

We have been hearing many accounts of the problems in Puerto Rico, but the deficiencies  noted by an audit of the FL State Div. of Emergency Management are a surprise. FL has been considered one of the better prepared states. … Continue reading

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Estimated Costs of H. Harvey and Irma

It has been 25 days since H. Harvey made landfall, but the preliminary cost estimates are really high.  See: Economic costs of Harvey, Irma $200-$300 billion; insured cost to reach $70 billion

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Review of Painful Lessons So Far

This is a good recap of the response so far. Will the lessons be learned or just noted? Hurricanes Harvey and Irma offer sobering lessons in the power of nature William “Brock” Long, the FEMA administrator, has had two epic … Continue reading

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FL Is “Ticking Time Bomb”

From Scientific American: Hurricane Irma: Florida’s Overdevelopment Has Created a Ticking Time Bomb. Disaster risk expert says intense population growth and urban coastal development have created a huge danger. The title is a bit dramatic, but the message is one … Continue reading

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