Response in PR- It’s Complicated

So far, I have seen the poor response to the disaster in Puerto Rico liked to that of Katrina in 2005, and called worse than the response by the U.S. to Haiti Earthquake (2010). Here are some of the details on why things are going so slowly:

From the WashPost:  Getting relief supplies to Puerto Rico ports is only half the problem.

From the Wall St. Journal: Puerto Rico Aid Trickles In. Damaged roads and few truck drivers are among the logistical challenges facing the relief effort.

Update:  San Juan Mayor Fumes After Top Trump Official Calls Puerto Rico Response A ‘Good News Story’. “Damn it, this is not a good news story. This is a people are dying story.”



2 thoughts on “Response in PR- It’s Complicated

  1. Thanks Claire. So much of the discussion of the response that I’ve seen has come from folks who don’t normally cover the field (I’ve seen more homeland security and military experts explaining how the emergency management world works during this event than any other I can recall) or from folks with clear political goals. Having supported responses in the Pacific I’m very familiar with the additional challenges that arise with island operations and as you say – it’s complicated. I guess complicated doesn’t sell papers or ads for TV spots though.

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