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Trump Threatens to Abandon PR Recovery Efforts

From the WashPost this morning: Trump threatens to abandon Puerto Rico recovery efforts. President Trump served notice that he may pull back federal workers from Puerto Rico, effectively threatening to abandon the U.S. territory amid a humanitarian crisis in the … Continue reading

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Financial Problems in PR Undercut Response Capabilities

Puerto Rico poses a unique set of challenges, which have caused immense problems with disaster response. From Bloomberg News: Puerto Rico’s $74 Billion Burden Left It Helpless When Maria Hit. Years of crushing debt and dwindling budgets took their toll. … Continue reading

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Distribution Problems in Puerto Rico

The NY Times article, dated Oct. 3, explains the problems with distributing needed goods in Puerto Rico.  Aid Is Getting to Puerto Rico. Distributing It Remains a Challenge.

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Puerto Rico’s Trouble With Mutual Aid from States

From Bloonberg News: States’ Aid to Puerto Rico Delayed by Slow Request, Money Woes. “There were some concerns” about Puerto Rico’s ability to repay the states, said Mike Sprayberry, president of the National Emergency Management Association, a group of state … Continue reading

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Economic Effects of H. Maria on PR

Don’t Let Puerto Rico Fall Into an Economic Abyss

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Another Impediment to Recovery: Lack of Public Transportation

See this Bloomberg article: Puerto Rico’s Love of Cars is Jamming Its Recovery. So far, among the existing deficiencies in structures and services we have the following:  lack of sturdy infrastructure, frail electric grid, housing that is not well built … Continue reading

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Response in PR- It’s Complicated

So far, I have seen the poor response to the disaster in Puerto Rico liked to that of Katrina in 2005, and called worse than the response by the U.S. to Haiti Earthquake (2010). Here are some of the details … Continue reading

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