Trump Threatens to Abandon PR Recovery Efforts

From the WashPost this morning: Trump threatens to abandon Puerto Rico recovery efforts. President Trump served notice that he may pull back federal workers from Puerto Rico, effectively threatening to abandon the U.S. territory amid a humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

This is a truly alarming development; and I wonder if it is even legal to do so?

Update: comment from the Mayor of San Juan in response to the President’s tweet:  wa ‘You are incapable of empathy and frankly cannot get the job done.’



1 thought on “Trump Threatens to Abandon PR Recovery Efforts

  1. These annoying statements need to be parsed very carefully. Trump is quoted as saying, “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders … in P.R. forever!” Technically, that is true. “Forever” would be millions of years in the future and beyond, by which time FEMA’s funding will probably run out. Likewise, a FEMA official was quoted as saying that FEMA does not give out food and water. Well, when I was deployed by FEMA Community Relations after a hurricane, my partner and I would drive around knocking on doors to see if there were unmet needs such as medicines, shelter, food, water, etc. If there were, we would report that back so that whichever agency was handling that item could make sure the people were taken care of. So, FEMA’s job was not to “give out” food and water; our job was to help manage a complex interagency, intergovernmental, civilian/military/private/nonprofit disaster response to ensure that food and water (and everything else) got to those who needed it. Bottom line: Thoughtless and inflammatory statements by Trump and by FEMA officials, even if technically true, don’t help the situation. Where is James Lee when we need him???

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