Reflections on Superstorm Sandy – 5 years later

(1) From the Claims Journal: Officials Reflect on Superstorm Sandy 5 Years Later

(2) From the Guardian: Hurricane Sandy, five years later: ‘No one was ready for what happened after’. Survivors of the 2012 storm remain haunted. As hurricanes continue to batter the US, many say plans to mitigate climate change have not gone far enough: ‘People need to open their eyes’

(3) From the New Yorker: The Fifth Anniversary of H. Sandy.

(4) From CNN.

(5) From the New York Times.


1 thought on “Reflections on Superstorm Sandy – 5 years later

  1. Fully agree with the third “boxed” quote in the Guardian article which stated “the storm is the easy part. Restoring your life is the challenge.” A major reason why recovery continues to be such a struggle was FEMA, who at their best was counterproductive during Sandy. Having experienced the adverse impact of Sandy from both a professional and personal perspective, it was local government that assumed the responsibility of the wellbeing of their residents. Frankly, we did not need FEMA in the immediate aftermath of the storm. However, once FEMA finally arrived on the scene, they were disorganized, dysfunctional and unprepared to handle the scope of the recovery effort.

    Mainly as a result of that experience, I do not have much faith in FEMA regarding their field operations. I remain hopeful that under Brock Long FEMA can restore the public’s faith in their ability to meet both the short and long term needs of storm victims. They seem off to a good start.

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