1 thought on “Rebuilding after CA Wildfires

  1. This makes me physically ill – makes no sense at all and as a tax payer I am tired of picking up the tab for people’s bad choices. Yes, people have a right to build anywhere they want to but only if they can afford to lose it all to a fire, flood, high winds, etc. in areas where the probability of known risks is extremely high. If you can’t, do not build there! Have we learned nothing after repeated fires, flooding and mudslides? Is there no common sense left in the world? If people chose to live and rebuild in the beautiful hills of California and others choose to live in any area where it is just common sense that storms, flooding, forest fires, etc. are going to wipe them out over and over, I have no feeling for any of them regardless what happens. Quit talking about risks, hazards, zoning, regulations, planning policies, resilience — and lessons learned most of all.

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