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Rebuilding after CA Wildfires

From Bloomberg Business News: Why Is California Rebuilding in Fire Country? Because You’re Paying for It. “After last year’s calamity, officials are making the same decisions that put homeowners at risk in the first place.”

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Congress Refuses to Budget for Wildfires

From the LATimes: Editorial Wildfires are natural disasters, but Congress refuses to budget for them. Two decades ago, the cost of fighting fires only consumed about 15% of the Forest Service’s budget. But increased development in and around undeveloped open … Continue reading

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2017 CA Wildfire Sets Record

From USAToday: Thomas fire becomes California’s largest wildfire in history. One more article on what is now the biggest fire in CA history. Here is an infographic on the wildfires this year. [Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.]

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Lessons Learned from Alberta Wildfire

Lessons learned from Fort McMurray wildfire. The need for more collaboration between various municipalities and the consequences of poor land use policies were just two lessons learned from the Fort McMurray wildfire, a speaker said on Wednesday at the Canadian … Continue reading

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Recovery in Ft. McMurray, Alberta One Year After the Fires

Here is an analysis of the program made and resilience shown in Fort Murray.  See: Fort McMurray By The Numbers One Year After The Wildfire

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FEMA Guide for Building in a Wildfire Zone

FEMA Guide for Building in a Wildfire Zone.  Here’s a list of suggestions for building and fire-proofing structures within an area prone to wildfires.

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Residents Return to Fort McMurray

Neither re-entry nor recovery are easy to do. See: Fort McMurray Fire: Road Blocks Lifted As Residents Allowed To Return To City. Some details: Returning residents are being warned that it won’t be business as usual and to bring with … Continue reading

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