Articles Comparing Hurricane Responses

The original Politico Article: How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico. A POLITICO investigation shows a persistent double standard in the president’s handling of relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria.

The rebuttal from HSToday: What Politico Missed in FEMA Hurricane Response Investigation.

2 thoughts on “Articles Comparing Hurricane Responses

  1. By way of comparison: Hurricane Marilyn hit the US Virgin Islands (which are also way out in the ocean like Puerto Rico) on September 15-16, 1995. “In anticipation of their need, a number of FEMA disaster specialists had been sent to St. Thomas before Hurricane Marilyn’s landfall. By daybreak on September 16, relief supplies and personnel had already begun arriving…Within one week after the storm, FEMA had directed close to 60 strategic missions transporting more than 1,500 emergency personnel and 1.3 million tons of essential cargo, including food, water, and plastic sheeting for roofs.” Morrow and Ragsdale, Florida International University, “Early Response to Hurricane Marilyn in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” 1996,

  2. Claire:-

    Thanks for providing both sides. My personal belief is that the Trumpster in Politico’s story is an irrelevancy. The logistical problems of working in PR aside, the Politico article also fails to mention that FEMA’s efforts to deal with the three storms (why no mention of Irma?) overlapped – of necessity. A comparison of FEMA’s performance in all three considering the resources available during each storm would have provided a more accurate assessment. I have no idea how such a study would turn out, but it seems to me that it would have been fairer to FEMA and more informative for the rest of us, esp. policy makers.

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