1 thought on “Flood Mitigation in Houston TX

  1. This is an extremely thoughtful article, well worth considering as Houston rebuilds.

    Today’s Sunday New York Times also had a major Editorial which must also be considered as we rebuild our Nation: America’s Federally Financed Ghettos. That Editorial, in discussing a lawsuit recently brought against the Department of Housing and Urban Development, noted that the plaintiffs in that lawsuit allege:
    “… that Houston discriminates even at the level of flood relief, maintaining “entirely different (and markedly inferior) drainage systems in predominantly minority neighborhoods, exposing the residents of those neighborhoods to increased risk from storms.”
    As we examine disaster recovery, surely we must ensure that all persons, especially the most vulnerable folks must receive a fair and equitable share of relief funding, so that the Whole Community can Bounce Forward to a better place. See, e.g., Bounce Forward by Laurie Mazur available online at:

    Click to access Bounce-Forward.pdf

    The NAACP Book by Jacki Patterson: Equity in Building Resilience in Adaptation Planning, also has thoughts on this important concept. It is also available online at:

    Click to access Equity_in_Resilience_Building_Climate_Adaptation_Indicators_FINAL1.pdf

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