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It’s Mitigation Time

To Prevent Disaster, Rethink Development. 3 ways better building practices can reduce the risks of hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria. One of the authors, Ed Thomas, is a long-time supporter of this blog. Congrats on the national exposure.

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Computing Power Helps Flood Mitigation

Modern computing power may help mitigate future flood disasters

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Another Take on Mitigation

Staying safe from disasters pays, but will funders listen?  Excerpts: The startup MyStrongHome, which works in the coastal areas of Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina, allows homeowners to pay for a new, reinforced roof out of savings from the lower … Continue reading

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Metric for Mitigation Calculation

New metric shows that when building in areas prone to natural disasters, it pays to make informed decisions Hazard-induced maintenance costs can be significant over the lifetime of a building. Researchers at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) are developing … Continue reading

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EPA Looks to Mitigate Chemical Plant Disasters

EPA Looks to Mitigate Chemical Plant Disasters. A new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation aims to minimize the harm to local communities from disasters at chemical plants. The regulation overhauls major sections of the EPA’s Risk Management Program for such … Continue reading

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Mitigation More than Pays for Itself

See this article: A disaster that does not happen saves lives and money  

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A Huge Amount of Federal Funds Has Gone to LA

From Fortune magazine, see this article titled Top Ten FEMA-Funded Disasters This is not an easy article to follow, but what jumped out at me from viewing the chart in the middle of the article was how much federal funding … Continue reading

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