1 thought on “Climate Liability Issues

  1. Having managed a Jersey Shore community during Sandy, the FIRST phone call from the “outside world” I received was not from FEMA, state emergency management or any federal or state entity or nonprofit organization, but from a bond rating agency out of New York City. The purpose behind the call was rather straight forward and that was to assess the financial condition of the city after the storm. Many structures damaged or destroyed by Sandy were built on slab, on grade (PreFIRM homes) and were for the most part occupied by middle class families. It was difficult to witness so much pain and suffering after the storm from victims who lost practically everything.

    Many communities along the Jersey coast learned a valuable lesson from Sandy and they are rebuilding smarter and stronger. I always chuckle over reports that somehow coastal towns do not understand or appreciate the power of Mother Nature. Now, while some coastal towns may not be engaged in meaningful mitigation or recovery efforts, most towns along the coast realize that sea level is rising, storms are more intense and as a result are responding accordingly with sound mitigation work with little or no financial assistance from the federal government.

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