Various Articles on Wildfires

Editorial in Wash Post: We Won’t Stop CA Wildfires If We Don’t talk About Climate Change.

By way of background, the political aspects promoted by Pres. Trump: To California, The Wildfires Are Tragic. To The Trump Administration, They’re Convenient.
“The Commerce Department has ordered that water use be prioritized for firefighters — who say water isn’t the issue. The decision isn’t really about fire.”

Another political take on Trump’s Attitude toward the fires and other natural disasters: Trump’s Response To Natural Disasters Is A Window Into His Barren Soul. 

For Trump, it’s a whole lot easier to place blame than grapple with the effects of our nation’s energy and environmental policies and the reality of a warming climate. Addressing the underlying causes of wildfire would mean having an honest conversation with the public about why they are getting bigger, hotter and more destructive.

The scientific perspective, from the NYTimes; The Earth Ablaze

The widespread fires this year have magnified concerns that we are locked in a worldwide pattern of conflagration that is both persistent and catastrophic. Wildfires have been even more pervasive in 2018 in central and northern Europe than last year, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. In Greece, east of Athens, some 90 people were killed. (Last year in Portugal, more than 100 people in died in wildfires, including at least 30 people who were trapped in their cars when flames engulfed a road.)

1 thought on “Various Articles on Wildfires

  1. Really …. President Trump does not care about disaster victims! If all else fails, attack the person. While no doubt the President has a unique way of expressing himself, to state that somehow he is indifferent about the suffering of disaster victims reflects how extreme some people will go to discredit the President. Criticizing a governmental entity does not translate into not caring about individuals impacted by a disaster.

    Regarding the California wildfires, I am sure there are numerous reasons for the increase in size and intensity of the fires as the articles indicate. However, one reason that none of the articles mention is the record 129 million dead trees in California as described in a December 2017 joint press release from USDA and CALFIRE. Obvious both federal and state governments must aggressively work together to reduce that fuel source. Much easier to mitigate a fire than to fight a fire.

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