Coming: Project Impact #2

From TheHill: How to protect US communities from future disasters. Author is James L. Witt, former FEMA Director. An excerpt:

In early 2019, Project Impact 2 will launch ā€” this time backed by the private sector. This project is a nationwide campaign with the goal of engaging community leaders and the public to tackle future impacts of increasingly frequent and severe weather events and climate change.

This initiative will provide the vehicle to create a community coalition, establish a process and blueprint for action within the community, and facilitate access to resources to implement community risk reduction actions.

5 thoughts on “Coming: Project Impact #2

  1. Anti-immigrant rhetoric from the White House and the bare knuckle aggressiveness of ICE, together with Islamophobia will significantly limit the ability of Project Impact 2 to gain the trust and participation of significant portions urban communities. What can be done about that? Also, will cities who are self-proclaimed sanctuaries qualify to participate?

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