Politics Overrule Science

From The Conversation: ‘Sea-level rise won’t affect my house’ – even flood maps don’t sway Florida coastal residents

From GA State Univ.: Politics Overrule Science in At-Risk Coastal Residents’ Public Attitudes about Climate Change.  

Despite scientific evidence that rising sea levels due to climate change are a threat to property and lives, science plays second fiddle to politics in public attitudes about climate change and mitigation policies among coastal area residents most likely to be affected, according to urban geographer Risa Palm and political scientist Toby Bolsen of Georgia State University.

“Are these homeowners aware or concerned about their risk? Do they support policies and laws designed to mitigate the pace and extent of climate change that would, in turn, slow sea level rise?” are some questions they ask in their new book, “Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in South Florida: The View of Coastal Residents,” (Springer 2020).

Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.

Special Note:  The Diva had an ebook version (140 pp.) and found a reader willing to do a book review. Watch for that review in a month or so.


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