Failure to Govern Post Covid-19

From the WashPost, this highly critical article: Trump and the GOP have a plan for governing during a pandemic: Just don’t. Public officials are trying to escape responsibility for public health.

That’s because for Trump, nothing that goes wrong is ever his fault. In fact, nothing that can go wrong is even his job. This is partly a function of the president’s personal rejection of even minimal accountability, but it’s also rooted in a long-standing principle among Republicans that government solutions should be last resorts and the business of governing should be outsourced to actual businesses. Trump’s refusal to govern during the pandemic isn’t just ineptitude; it’s ideology, and he’s not the only one who embraces it.

1 thought on “Failure to Govern Post Covid-19

  1. It seems that while our two major political parties each has a general identity, there have been major shifts within those identities. So while the Republican party has always been pro-business, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower also supported projects like national parks and interstate highways to keep the country itself strong and to preserve its benefits for the population as a whole. And while the Democrats have professed to be for the “common man,” for a long time this included support for white racists before evolving into the present-day party. The next evolution of both parties should be interesting.

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