Two Important New GAO Reports re FEMA- plus blog commentary

FEMA Disaster Workforce: Actions Needed to Address Deployment and Staff Development Challenges ,  GAO-20-360, May 4

National Preparedness: Additional Actions Needed to Address Gaps in the Nation’s Emergency Management CapabilitiesGAO-20-297, May 4


On May 5th, the GAO WatchBlog posted this article:  Is FEMA Ready to Respond to Emergencies?  Even before COVID-19, a rising number of natural disasters has meant an increased reliance by state, local, and tribal entities on federal funding and resources.

May 6: From GovExec: FEMA Is Deploying Employees Ill-Prepared for Disaster Response, Report Finds. The agency is also dealing with severe shortfalls in its on-call and reservist workforce.


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