Third Version of Reopening Guidance from the CDC

On May 15 the WashPost noted, but was critical of, the final versions of short checklists published by the CDC.  The Diva suggests you reread the May 13 posting on this topic, which provided a longer, more thorough document –although not released officially by the CDC.

CDC offers brief checklists to guide businesses, schools and others on reopening

With hundreds of millions of people still seeking advice on resuming their lives safely, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a scant six pages of recommendations Thursday to guide schools, businesses, day-care facilities and others into the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

The six checklists — which also address restaurants, mass transit and camps — come days, and in some cases weeks, after many states have begun to lift restrictions on their own. The advice is less detailed than draft recommendations the agency sent to the White House for review last month.

Additional details about what subjects are and are not included in this version of the guidance are provided in this article by the NY Times: C.D.C. Issues Reopening Checklists for Schools and Businesses

NOTE: The CDC does not address reopening faith-based organizations, but a 17 page guidance document for those organizations can be found on my other website:

We Could Have Seen This Coming!

Article in TheGuardian: Trump Cuts Undermine Coronavirus Containment;  Watchdog Report. Direct link to the report:  An Embattled Landscape Series, Part 2a: Coronavirus and the Three-Year Trump Quest to Slash Science at the CDC

Here is another example of short-sightedness See this account from Politico:  DHS wound down pandemic models before coronavirus struck. A vital modeling program was sidelined amid a bureaucratic battle, former officials say, leaving U.S. less prepared to face the virus.