We Could Have Seen This Coming!

Article in TheGuardian: Trump Cuts Undermine Coronavirus Containment;  Watchdog Report. Direct link to the report:  An Embattled Landscape Series, Part 2a: Coronavirus and the Three-Year Trump Quest to Slash Science at the CDC

Here is another example of short-sightedness See this account from Politico:  DHS wound down pandemic models before coronavirus struck. A vital modeling program was sidelined amid a bureaucratic battle, former officials say, leaving U.S. less prepared to face the virus.

Pandemic Simulation Was Remarkably Real

From Politico, this article re staff at CSIS who prepared a pandemic scenario a year ago. Here are details of that event, which closely resembles what we are dealing with currently re COVID-19.

See: We Predicted a Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s What Policymakers Could Have Seen Coming. “Last year we ran a disaster scenario shockingly similar to the news now. Here’s what experts realized the world is getting wrong, and how they can fix it.”